Sam Storms Sam Storms (1951)
The Bible
Jesus himself clearly believed in the inspiration and authority of Scripture. Being a disciple of Jesus entails not only doing what Jesus did but also believing what Jesus believed. It is impossible to accept the authority of Christ without also accepting the authority of Scripture. To believe and receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour is to believe and receive what He taught about Scripture.
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The Predator
"And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light."—2 Corinthians 11:14

The polar bear is the largest member of the bear family. s weigh as much as two thousand pounds. They walk an average of 100,000 miles during their lifetime and are able to swim sixty miles without resting. Their white coats are extremely well suited for the arctic environment. Biologists cannot use traditional aerial photography to estimate populations because polar bear fur blends so well with the snow and ice. These bears are primarily carnivores. Their favourite diet consists of seals.
A hunting polar bear will sometimes lie motionless for fourteen hours near a hole in the ice waiting for a seal to surface for a breath of air. If a seal is resting on top of the ice a polar bear will swim under the ice to the seal's exact location. Below the surface the bear makes a tiny scratching sound imitating a fish. The seal hears this, dives in the water for a quick meal, only to be entrapped in the deadly embrace of its predator. Satan appeals to us to please God by our good behavior. This is the trick of a predator. Only faith in Jesus Christ satisfies God. Today ask the Lord to teach you the truth of the gospel and so protect you from the evil one.

"False teachers cannot comfort or make happy a timid conscience; they only make hearts confused, sad, and melancholy so that people are gloomy and act sad."—Martin Luther
There's a lot to be learned from history, and this volume, From Generation to Generation, puts a distinctly spiritual spin on lessons from the past. Drawing upon the famous and the ordinary of years gone by, From Generation to Generation finds nuggets of Godly wisdom in every story, making practical application for today. Beginning with a scripture, each entry includes a short edifying story, a miniature lesson, and a quote, hymn, or additional piece from the Word of God to finish up. In this devotional the reader can find wisdom and encouragement in the triumphs and tragedies of men and women from the past and present--such as Matthew Henry, Charles Swindoll, Oswald Sanders, C.S. Lewis, and William Shakespeare.