Terms and Conditions
User Terms and Conditions
By subscribing or using a Malta Evangelical Library service, the patron commits to adhere to and observe the terms and conditions specified hereunder.
Unless otherwise indicated, copyright in maltaevangelicallibrary.org is owned by Malta Evangelical Library. All rights are reserved by Malta Evangelical Library. If you wish to make inquiries about a license to reproduce material from Malta Evangelical Library, please contact the Webmaster.

Users may access content in maltaevangelicallibrary.org solely for their own personal, non-commercial use.
Custody of Items
Library patrons who borrow or consult an item are responsible for its safekeeping.

Any reproduction of Library material, in whatever manner, is subject to the provisions of copyright law.

Library patrons shall be held liable for any damages or loss which they may cause to any borrowed items.
Loan of Items
Authorized Library patrons may have in their possession not more than three items.

Any item on loan may be recalled if so requested by the Library. Such items must be returned within one week from notification.

All items must be returned to the Library by the date specified.
February, 2012