Billy Graham Billy Graham (1918)
God proved His love on the Cross. When Christ hung, and bled, and died, it was God saying to the world, "I love you."
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The NIV Harmony of the Gospels Go back to previous page
Thomas, Robert L.Gundry, Stanley N.
Book title
Book Details
Hardcover: 343 pages
Subtitle: With Explanations and Essays
Publisher: Harper and Row Publishers
Category: Gospel
Edition: Subsequent Edition
Publish Date: 1988
ISBN: 9780060635237
Dewey Decimal Classification: 226/.1
Reference No: T-00146
"This revision of the Robertson/Broadus Harmony of the Gospels attempts a greater precision in defining the "inner movements" of Jesus' life and a deeper understanding of His death and resurrection. This is done through the subdivision of some of the longer sections into smaller portions. Robertson's paragraph numbers have been retained and assigned lowercase suffixes to indicated subdivisions. Explanatory footnotes of historical and geographical features, and of theological and chronological matters have been multiplied in this revision and this work provides the New International Version translation of the gospels which is based on a more literal philosophy of translating the Greek text."