Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards (1703 - 1758)
A true love of God must begin with a delight in his holiness.
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Should Infants Be Baptized? Go back to previous page
Watson, T. E
Book title
Book Details
Paperback: 108 pages
Subtitle: N/A
Publisher: Guardian Press
Category: Baptism
Edition: Rev. Ed Edition
Publish Date: 19761976
ISBN: 9780890860281
Dewey Decimal Classification: N/A
Reference No: W-00337
""Who should be baptised?" This book will be welcomed by all Christians who desire to base their convinctions and practice on a solid, Biblical foundation. This book contains a comprehensive examination of every text of Scripture relating to the subject of baptism, with reference to those used as prooftexts for infant baptism. Also, the historical evidence of the first two centuries of the Christian era is thoroughly surveyed. Next the author presents a deatailed criticism of each of the arguments used by Protestants in favor of infant baptism. Mr. Watson skillfully marshals nearly 200 quotations from over sixty noted infant-baptist authors, to the effect that every argument used by Christians of that persuasion is refuted by others of the same opinion."