F.F. Bruce F.F. Bruce (1910 - 1990)
The Gospel
Paul's claim [was] that the message he preached was the authentic gospel of Christ. It is this: two things on which Paul pre-eminently insisted - that salvation was provided by God's grace and that faith was the means by which men appropriated it.
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Roseveare, Helen
Book title
Book Details
Paperback: 192 pages
Subtitle: N/A
Publisher: Inter-Varsity Press
Category: Autobiography
Edition: N/A
Publish Date: 1976
ISBN: 9780851103907
Dewey Decimal Classification: N/A
Reference No: R-00091
"Helen Roseveare experienced the warm love of a Church in revival; she learnt to build with her own hands; she was gripped by tension and fear in pos-revolution Africa; she was apparently rejected by those she came to help; she went through the traumas of brutality and rape. This is the story of God's dealings with a very human person who was for twenty years a missionary doctor. Throughout the book she assesses her life with relentless honesty, asking again and again the question 'Was it all worth while?'"