James W. Alexander James W. Alexander (1804 - 1859)
Religion is a living process. When the Spirit takes hold of a man to transform him into a child of grace, working faith in him, and opening his eyes to see the boundless riches of grace, the work goes on continually. There is growth of knowledge, faith, and hope. The more the spiritual process advances, the more does religion become distinguished from all its outward forms, and attain likeness to the infinite benevolence of God.
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Woolsey, Andrew A.
Book title
Book Details
Paperback: 192 pages
Subtitle: A Biography : The Sound of Battle
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
Category: Biography
Edition: 1st Edition
Publish Date: 19740422
ISBN: 0340188634
Dewey Decimal Classification: 285/.2/0924
Reference No: W-00139
"Dr.Martin LLoyd-Jones writes: 'I am truly glad that this biography of this 'man of God' is being published, and especially at this present time. In private converstion, as well as in his preaching, Duncan Campbell's emphasis was always on the Lordship and the power of the Holy Spirit. 'This carefully and judiciously written book should help many to come to an understanding of true revival, and I trust, to urge them to pray for it without ceasing'."